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Meet Our Team

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Rebel Hurd

Minister and Mission Developer

Rebel is a lover of people, sees Christ in their eyes, and dreams of being the church with all who are looking for God’s grace, mercy, and love. She is grounded in the Word and delights in sharing it with those she meets, whether housed or unhoused.

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Harriet Monson

Volunteer & Special Events Coordinator

I had been involved with some street ministry with my home church, Gloria Dei, and it was something that really spoke to my heart. So when I heard about Church on the Street I knew I wanted to be involved. I really enjoy going out on the Street and visiting with people and I'm so happy we have given people who wouldn't be comfortable in a church a place to worship! 

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Taylor Johnson

Music Coordinator

Church on the Street is easily the most spiritually vibrant congregation I’ve ever been part of. Each and every time we gather there is a tangible desire for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and an outpouring expression of praise for the faithfulness of God, even in our hardest circumstances. I’m so thankful to be church together!

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Ron & Theresa Nygaard

Ron is our Operations Manager (aka Jack of all Trades)
Teresa is our Mission Coordinator.

We were drawn to the idea of taking Word and Sacrament out on the streets to the homeless children of God and serve on our steering committee.

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Tami Prostrollo

Ecumenical Laison

I met Pastor Rebel shortly after I moved back to Sioux Falls after spending 15 years in San Antonio, Texas.  I was surprised how drastically the city had changed both in good and some not so good ways.  The neighborhood I grew up in is now poverty-stricken.  My heart breaks for the children growing up here in an environment so very different than the one I remember.  I am the Administrative Director for First United Methodist Church. First UMC and I are honored to play a role with Church On The Street in bringing hope to a community that many have forgotten or have chosen to ignore.

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Elizabeth Yoder

I was born and raised in Dickinson, North Dakota and am currently attending Augustana University; where I am studying  Religion and Government. What started as coffee with Rebel lead to a January internship and eventually Elizabeth joining the board.              

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Carolyn Dodson

As a member of the Strategy Table of Sioux Falls, Carolyn not only helped identify the need for Church on the Street, but was instrumental in seeing it come to fruition.

Nicole Elasser Church on The Street
Nicole Elasser

 Compassion Coordinator

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David Bacon

As a Pastor, I know the institutional church does not touch everyone. When I heard about this "Jesus-style ministry", I wanted to be a part of it. And last month, some of the homeless helped us serve The Banquet (soup kitchen)! Church on the Street is impacting lives. 

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Shireen Ranschau

Shireen has spent four decades serving housing needs in Sioux Falls. She is currently a community volunteer and serves on several non-profit boards.