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Ways to help Church on the Street

You can help us spread the Good News:

PRAYERS: We ask for your prayers of love and support for all street ministries.  Are you a part of a prayer chain or know any prayer warriors? Please make sure your name is added to our monthly prayer request list from the street by signing up HERE.

Financial Donations and PRESENTS: Money is needed for ministry expenses. Click here to make a monetary donation.  Supplies and other items are often needed as well. See list below for items in need right now.

LAUNDRY WITH LOVE: Twice a month we gather together at a local laundromat to provide 3 free loads of laundry to anyone in need.  You can help by donating quarters and/or volunteering at the laundromat.   If you would like to donate or volunteer please email Harriet. 

PARTNER with us: Join us in being church together in whatever capacity works for you. We are looking for Ministry Partners who share compassion for all of God’s people, whoever and wherever they are; to pray, sing, provide fellowship, reflect on the Gospel, and break bread.  

If you have a gift for talking, writing, singing, cooking, baking, shopping, driving, counting, organizing, praying, imagining, playing, teaching, leading, trusting, listening, planning, encouraging, laughing, problem-solving, researching, or just plain being kind, we have a partnership for you. Please contact REBEL via email or complete this  Mission Partner Covenant and return it to us.

Current needs list

Camp chairs


Large black garbage bags

Communion cups with juice and wafer 

$20 Great Clips cards

$20 gas cards

$20 grocery cards


Tide pods

Men’s boxer’s of all sizes

Women’s stretch bras of all sizes

Women’s panties of all sizes

Reusable grocery bags

Build Kits for COTS


A basket for our members who are newly housed. The basket can be a mop bucket filled with cleaning supplies or a soup pan filled with kitchen necessities. We have had several of our wonderful members become newly housed families. It is nice to give a gift of support from Church on the Street and You! What an opportunity to help our neighbor and to show what it means to be a member of a Christian community.


While speaking with unhoused teens, we were given this list of needs. There are over 400 children experiencing homelessness in Sioux Falls.

Teen Girl

• Chapstick • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Pony tail hair bands • Bobby pins • Deodorant • Feminine wipes • Regular tampons • Panty liners

Teen Boy

• Chapstick • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Comb • Nail clipper • Deodorant • Razor • Shaving cream • Pack of gum


1 large bath towel folded in half the long way and rolled. Inside place a small shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, and body wash (no bars of soap please as we give these with food and the strong scent overpowers the food wrappers). Tie with a ribbon. These are given to those who are in shelters or are newly housed.

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