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Meet Our Team

Rebel 20
Pastor Rebel Hurd

Lead Pastor/Mission Developer

I became a Mission Developer (church planter) with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 2015. We had this crazy idea of starting a church on the street. God's Holy Spirit worked through my crazy dreams, and Church on the Street was born. My life is dedicated to living by example and being the same person on the street as you see in the pulpit, sharing the Gospel with the "churchy" and "not so churchy".

I was trained and educated as a social worker first, and these skills have been helpful in reaching others with humor, warmth, transparency, and strength.  Having a name like Rebel is a bonus. Being a pastor on the street comes naturally to me, and so does my love for unheard people.

I graduated from Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN) in 2020 and was called to serve as Pastor of Church on the Street. I was ordained as a Pastor of Word and Sacrament in the ELCA in January of 2021. I am blessed to sit on the Homeless and Justice Network of the ELCA and help baby churches and leaders find their voice as their mission developer's licensed coach.

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Harriet Monson

Director of Laundry of Love

I had been involved with some street ministry with my home church, Gloria Dei, and it was something that really spoke to my heart. So when I heard about Church on the Street I knew I wanted to be involved. I really enjoy going out on the Street and visiting with people and I'm so happy we have given people who wouldn't be comfortable in a church a place to worship! 

Luke Cots
Luke Senst

Director of Media Ministries 

After going on a few mission trips (Philadelphia and Seattle) as a youth leader at my home church, I knew there was a need in my own community where I could help spread the love of Jesus. I found that in helping with Church on the Street. Since joining, I have been honored to hear the amazing stories from the members and help serve the amazing mission of COTS!

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Pastor Jon Splichal-Larson

Director of Music Ministries

God has opened me in many ways throughout my life, and I keep searching for God’s grace in the world.  I’m grateful to witness Jesus’s love in communities like Church on the Street, and excited to join with you in worship and song.  I also currently serve as Interim Pastor at Augustana Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls; just another opportunity for God’s grace. 

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Kenzie Erickson

Director of Children Ministries

Hello! I am a 6th grade teacher in the SFSD. My heart has always beat for children and young adults but it was not until the opportunity of Director of Children Ministries for COTS fell into my lap that my eyes opened to the diverse needs for our community. I love walking alongside children, teens, moms and dads as they find their place and worth in the Lord.

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Cindy D

Lay Leader

I am a part of Church on the Street because it changed my life. It is my life now and I feel blessed to be able to give back what I was given, praise God!

Arts In The Park Dra
Dra H

Lay Leader

I was in prison, and Church on the Street came to me. I am the least of these, and yet, I am enough. I am His beloved even in my messiness. God never left me alone, I was never forgotten. Today I serve as a leader at COTS and I get to love others through their tough times… telling them they are enough by the grace of God. Jesus loves you. No. Matter. What.

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Tami Prostrollo

Ecumenical Laison/Board President

I am the Administrative Director for First United Methodist Church. First UMC and I are honored to play a role with Church On The Street in bringing hope to a community that many have forgotten or have chosen to ignore.

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Carolyn Dodson

Board Member/Secretary 

As a member of the Strategy Table of Sioux Falls, I have not only helped identify the need for Church on the Street, but was instrumental in seeing it come to fruition. It has been my pleasure to be the van driver and help our members get to and from worship.

Pat Hammond

Board Member/Ecumenical Laison

I am the Associate Pastor for Congregational Care at First Presbyterian Church here in Sioux Falls. We at First Presbyterian are honored to serve God's people alongside Rev. Rebel and the members of Church on the Street. I am excited to see where God is leading all of us as we journey together to love and serve the Lord.

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Shireen Ranschau

Board Member/At-Large

Shireen has spent four decades serving housing needs in Sioux Falls. She is currently a community volunteer and serves on several non-profit boards.

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Elizabeth Yoder

Board Member/At-Large

I was born and raised in Dickinson, North Dakota and am currently attending Augustana University; where I am studying  Religion and Government. What started as coffee with Rebel lead to a January internship and eventually me joining the board.