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April Prayer Requests

Good morning prayer warriors!
He Is Risen! He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!

The members, volunteers, and supporters of Church on the Street are so thankful for you and your gifts of prayer. There are many prayers being lifted up this month, and you, too, are included in them. May the Lord bless you and keep you!

At our April worship, a gal who came to Laundry with Love told us she hadn't been to church in over ten years. She cried as she received Holy Communion. Thanks be to God!

This month, spread out 3000 eggs and let children and families find joy in the surprise of Easter. The reminder that Jesus Christ rose and continues to rise for us; the sinner, the forgotten, the lost sheep. He is for US and he is for YOU!

This monthe, we had someone return to God's fold after being released from prison. She joined us and was NOT surprised that everyone treated her with the same love she had received before. God is good.

We lift up these prayers to our Father in Heaven. The one who knows our hearts and our needs and who always welcomes us back into His fold.  
Lord, In your Mercy...Hear our Prayer. Please pray for our members in need. These prayers include...

Prayer Requests:

I pray that I will not forget to praise God every day no matter what happens. I pray I will get a job and stay sober. I pray for my family and all the homeless.
Pray for Karla who was baptized today!
Gypsy: I am asking for prayers for my family and myself for a good outcome from my troubles. I also ask forgiveness from my children for everything I have done. I ask for prayers for my soul. I am lost since my kids were taken from me. I have given up on life. Please pray for me. 
Tony: I don’t think I believe in God. It is strange, cuz I see God in you. Maybe I do believe. Pray for our veterans and this country. 
Sherrol: Please pray for my living situation. I am so close to eviction and I just can’t keep up with my rent and lights. Pray my sister will keep her end of the bargain and pay her share. She is mentally ill so I end up with the responsibilities. I already work 40 hours a week. Thank you.
Malinda: I just want to thank Church on the Street and God for all my blessings. I pray he keeps working on me!
We pray for Pueblo de Dios.
Angel: Pray for Brad to find a job and pray that our friendship lasts forever.
Brad: I pray people take care of Rebel as much as she takes care of us. 
Prayers for all who are lonely, hungry, tired, and incarcerated.
R.S.: In need of guidance and patience. My path is not on the straight and narrow. Alcohol and past abuses that have ahold of me. I just don’t know how to forgive and forget.
Karla: Pray for Darcy. She is in jail. For Angel, now he is in JDC. Pray for me and Dawson to be good examples and live OK.
Please pray for peace thru out the homeless and displaced persons and community- that the community will come to all who need support and for whatever the reason may be.
Mae B. Brave Bird: Please pray for me to get a home.
For my friend Richie. She is in the hospital brain dead. Pray for her soul.
I need prayers for my family for strength, guidance, unity, and peace. For my strength in my faith in God and not to be distracted from my walk with God. 
My prayer request is that my Lord my God continue to keep my family together and keep my mom safe.
Ron H.: Prayers for my kids and my future doctor’s appointment. 
Carla: I would like to ask for prayers of safety. I would like to pray for the end of child abuse and misuse of the mentally disabled and elderly. I give thanks for all that God has made and for every man and woman of God to be strong and call upon the Lord at all times. Also, pray for the rejected. 
Dear Lord, we pray that you would grant emotional and physical strength to everyone dealing with Flood damage and the cold that just doesn’t end. 
Colleen: I need an apartment. Pray that I get a home soon. Thank you and God Bless.
Donna: Please pray for my safety.
Carmen: I need prayers for my family- Angel, Pixie, Moses Jr., Jina’s sisters, Carmella, and Gypsy. Protect us from evil. God bless you "pray-ers."
Please pray for my grandma Sonia in Mexico, she is sick.
Please pray for my mom. She is recovering from knee surgery.
Laurie: A new dog. My friend Cocoa passed away and I am lonely.
Dra: Prayers for strength and endurance. Decrease my thinking of myself and more of Jesus. Strength for sobriety. Prayer to gain custody of my son Jordan and to find an attorney to accept my case. Prayers for stability. Thank you to Pastor Rebel and Church on the Street.
Please pray for my family, my grandma Gheri just passed away.
Don: Pray for Michael Archambault who is a child of God and lives on the street. 
Annie: Please pray for my estranged daughter, Tamara Lee and her husband. Pray that her and her family stay in God’s grace.
Jerry: My sister is in her 10thyear of fighting melanoma cancer. Please put her on your prayer list. 
Pat: pray for my family and all the homeless vets. Thank you for all this church does for me and my family. Prayers for my daughter Sky and for all alcoholics. It is a hard addiction.
Mary Jennesse: I would like to pray for my family…for forgiveness, faith, strength and to grow stronger. For good health, the ability to express my gratitude for my ability to work. For my children to be followers of Christ.
Katline: Pray that my baby girl comes back into my arms and that we get a stable place and me to get a permanent job to financially support my family.
Katherine: Pray that my relationship lasts forever because it makes me very happy.
Pray for my Grandsons. They need help to come back to the Lord.
Annie: Please pray for my son Dustin. He’s at the Glory House. Give him the strength to beat this disease. I pray that my life in the Lord continues to grow. Thank you! 
Pray for kids without families. For kids who are without. For me to get baptized. 
Bobbi: I pray the Lord will keep me strong. Pray for help getting a car. I need one with 4 kids. 
Prayers for a new job for me and my boyfriend. 

Life isn't something I like to face every day. I don't care! I am tired of trying! Each day it is always the same and I don't want to keep trying. 

Joe: Pray for my niece Danielle. Me and my sister are trying to locate her.

Katie: For what the city is trying to put together for displaced and homeless persons. To work in the right way and for what is needed for each individual.

Church on the Street:

Please pray for Paula and her recovery with cancer.
Please pray for Duane and his recovery from cancer.
Please pray for Peg and her recovery from Cancer.
Please pray for Dena and her fight with cancer.
Please pray for the newly housed.
Please pray for our volunteers.
Pray for those living under the bridge.
Pray the unlovable are loved.
Please pray for strength to continue this work on the street.
Please pray for the shelters and those who provide services.
Please teach us to look past our anger and racism and instead see the children of God.
Prayers for the SD Synod of the ELCA as a new bishop is being lifted up.
Please pray for all our ecumenical partners as we are church together.
Please pray for our city as we navigate together how to build a community of love, respect, justice, and dignity for all.

Lord, In your mercy... Hear our prayer.