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December Prayer Requests

The Prayers of Church on the Street

We pray for the family of Lugene as they mourn his death.. He will be missed at Church on the street.

Anonymous: “I am requesting prayers. I am in need of a home. Most of all I need employment. Few people will hire me. I am very thankful for my blessings. Please pray for them: my children and grandchildren and two great-grandsons. Thank you very much.”
Darwin Crow: “Prayer request for all the people who are suffering, hungry and cold. Keep them safe, give them harmony, the four directions of mother earth, all the four-legged, two-legged, creeping, crawling, winged ones. I pray for all religions, knowledge, wisdom, honor, love, humanity, humility. “Hau MitaKuye Oyasin” (We all are related). Pray for Willie, Kate, Truman, Bernie, Brianna, Red Earth Family, Crow Family, for all the people who put this Church on the Street together, and for Rebel, my pastor.”
Dra: “Prayers for friends and family and for God’s glory to reign on earth. I ask for strength and guidance to comfort us. For more love and peace to fill every soul. Please pray for all at the Glory House.”
Angel: “Please pray for my left knee. I was kicked in it and it is super painful but we do not have insurance or a doctor. I hope it is not infected inside.”
P.D.: “Thank you so much to pastor and Church on the Street. We are very grateful for you on the streets.”
Anonymous: “Please pray for the who are incarcerated, who are lonely at Christmas.”
Donna: “Pray for Ryan Peniska. My son. His kids. They don’t let me see them. But I understand they don’t want me around the kids. I want nothing but good for them.”
Anonymous: “Help me with my bad habits to have a better year.”
Malinda:  “Lord, thank you for Church on the Street. Bless them all. They found me in a hallway of a slum house one day. Amen. Pray for me that I can lose the weight that I need to have the back surgery. Thank you and I love you.”
Anonymous: “My prayer is for Lori and Dave to get a home. Also for Caroline and Dillion to make it safely to Nebraska in this weather.”
I am Ernestine.” I want you to know my name. I come from the south. My friend invited me to Church on the Street months ago. Please pray for me to stop drug use. Pray for my children. Thank you for making house calls. You are special.”
Cal: “I have a dog and I live on the streets. I hide him because people don’t let him in. He keeps me going. I take good care of him and put hand warmers in towels for him to sleep on. Please pray for us. Could you come to the truck and bring some dog food? Thank you.”
Anonymous: “To get better and stay healthy. It is hard to be sick all the time.”
Hannah New and Randy High-Horse: “I need a prayer for me and my husband to find a place. For us on the streets in the winter. Please Pray for us.”
Johnny:  “Pray for my safety.”
Leon: “I pray for all the children on the streets. That they don’t hate their parents and they live a long and happy life.”
Brad: “Pray for my sister Angel. Pray for me to not freeze at night. I live in an abandoned trailer with no heat or windows. I would love to find someplace to call home.”
“Please pray for Barb with severe Parkinsons.”
Diana: “ ‘You Saw Me’  Thank you. Pray for my daughter to see the light. And pray Aden, my grandchild. All the homeless and the ones in bondage from alcohol and drugs. And the kids in foster care, and me, Diana.”
Sylvia:” I pray for my husband to come back to us. To get from Central America to the United States and to Sioux Falls. His name is Moises.”
Colleen: “On January 1stI begin a program with a lot of Bible studies and classes. I am doing this to become closer to my Lord. So I am asking for strength to help me learn and understand.”
Anonymous: “Stability, Wisdom, and Freedom”
Ionsah: “Pray for my family back in Sudan.”
Larry: “Please pray for Church on the Street.”
Gerrie:  “I just got out of the hospital for Bowel Obstruction. Thank you to Church on the Street for visiting me. I couldn’t pay my rent because of it and I hope I am not homeless again. I do not want to be out in the cold. I need prayers so I can heal and get my life back on track. Thank you.”
Cindy: “Please pray for my son that he will do good once he is out of treatment. Please pray for my grandbabies that need their daddy.”
Dave, Lori, Jonah, Ezekeal, Elijah, Mario, and Britney: “Please pray for us to get a heartland house, a family home, health, and work.”
Pam: “Please pray for my health. I have kidney disease and do not have help to take care of myself.”
Judy: “Please pray for my neighbors Jeff and Vonnie. Vonnie has stage 4 cancer. Thank you for keep inviting me. For notes on my door. I love this church.”
Sylvia: “My health is getting better. I have an apartment and am cleaning houses. I dream of buying a house. I have started a business called All Star Cleaning Services. God is Good.”
Gary: “For those who don’t have the strength to carry themselves. Blessed are those who have been blessed with the power to carry on.”
Bill: “Please pray for me. I need much forgiveness.”
Richard: “All the people that are from wounded knee and Blue Earth.”
Annie: “Please keep in your prayers Tamara, Merrill, and children Gavin, Logan, and baby Thea Grace. They are loved but estranged from me.” 
Roxanne: “Please pray for my mentally ill daughter. The doctors told me to be prepared “It is not if, but when.” God Bless You.”
Anonymous: “My daughter was arrested and my granddaughter is in CPS custody. Though they allowed my parents to have her. I pray things get back together.”
Victoria: “Give me strength and courage to follow through with the right decisions to better myself. Church on the Street has been there for me and my son Preston. My son is doing so good. Thank you for believing in him.”
Karla R.: “Pray for me, my son Dawson, my grandson Angel and daughter Darcy.”
Anonymous: “Lord, keep us sane and filled with joy in your truths be all around us, filled with your presence, may your light shine through us.”
Cal: “Please pray that my cat stays in good health and keeps his home.”
Anonymous: “For the sick, the homeless, those in jails or prison. For the soldiers overseas. For those suffering from drugs and alcohol. For those who think about suicide.”
Brad: “Pray for us. We live day to day and wonder if we wake up. We have friends and they get hit by cars, they die of colds, they are sad and lonely.”
Anonymous: “Let us pray for all the children that may be hungry. May they be full.”
Willie: “Pray for the Goodface and Walking Crow family to unite as a family again. Also for all the homeless to get a home. God Bless Church on the Street.” 
Anonymous: “I pray that my life gets better spiritually and financially.”
Courtney DeShaun Young: “I come here to be among all denominations. Hallelujah! May all be of joy, may love be the cornerstone.”
Peg: “Finding a new home, getting away from alcohol and drugs, let my kids know God.”
Truman: “Please pray for all my children. Let them know their father loves them. Pray they are safe and strong through these hard times.” 
Kate: “Prayers for my husband Darwin Crow, my sister Dennis and Truman. Prayers for the homeless to help them stay warm and fed. We are doing good in our apartment but have had a lot of theft.  Thank you to Church on the Street for always coming to get us and the van drivers.”
Maulda: “for my kids and their relationship while their dad is stuck in Mexico.”
Jonezy: “I would like to you to pray with me and give thanks for the life God has given me. I am not perfect, but I am loved.” 
Laurie: “Please pray for healing for Elvin, Darien, and Klara that the Lord will heal their family after a painful divorce.”
Kayla: For my dog Cocoa to not die at Christmas. 
Jill: Pray that my youngest and I get home soon.

Church on the Street:
Please pray for Duane and Paula. 
Please pray for the newly housed.
Please pray for our volunteers.
Please pray for Marylin and her fight for good health.
Please pray for strength to continue this work on the street.
Please pray for our city as we navigate together how to build a community of love, respect, and dignity for all.

Lord, In your mercy... Hear our prayer.