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December Prayer Requests

Happy New Year, Friends and Prayer Warriors, 

As we enter into 2020, we do so with Hope! While we pray, we reflect on our own lives. I find myself turning to the words of others during reflection. Especially those who see life through a lens more clearly than me. Please reflect with me on a poem written by Jacob Folger; a person who was previously homeless.

It is hard, cold and unforgiving
All morning, day and night

Many think I chose this life for me

They say it’s not their fight.


Sometimes the hunger really sucks

But I do have my pride

I won't beg, so if I must

In the garbage, I will dive.


My one pair of stockings

are so filthy and so stiff

I try to wash them in the public fountain

Since I won't likely get new ones as a gift.


I while away the hours

I just try to get through each day

I wish there was a job for me

To earn some honest pay.


I watch the traffic going by

Busy people to and fro

It is though I am not even here

No one will say hello.


It is now time to lay down to sleep

I pray the Lord, my soul will keep

And whether or not I die before I wake

All homelessness in this world, please eradicate.


Please eradicate, indeed! Let's add these words to our prayers as we enter into 2020. I will add you and your needs; the needs of those who lift up these prayers, to my prayer list too. Happy New year to you and yours!

In ministry together,



 We lift up these prayers to our Father in Heaven. The one who knows our hearts and our needs and who always welcomes us back into His fold.  
Lord, In your Mercy...Hear our Prayer. Please pray for our members in need. These prayers include...

Marsha: “We get a home and our insurance gets paid and our car gets fixed and we make a future, of finding a home permanently for my family. Thank you. And they get drugs and alcohol off the streets. Cover my family with your love. Protect us from harm. Bless us with good health.” 

Lynnette: “The abuse by my mother. Please make sure she does not libel, and slander me anymore!”

Anonymous: “I’m ok. I’m ok.” 

Anonymous: “For the Drapeaux Family”

Lynn: “Please pray that Dixie My Cat and especially Curtis my son are warm, happy, and healthy with family. Please pray that I will get my SSI money by January 2nd.” 

Lucille: “All I ask is for forgiveness for putting drugs and people before Him. I’m to surrender to Him and let him use me for whatever He has planned for me.” 

Anonymous: “Pray for the lonely” 

Heather: “Please pray for me Heather and my Fiance James that all we’re working on will happen for us for safety n for all good great things happen for us in the year of 2020 n many years to come for many blessings for safety amen amen amen”

Karla: “Pray for my daughter Darcy and grandson Angel. Pray for Dawson he’s in jail. The charge will get dropped. Pray for me. For strength and guidance.” 

Anonymous: “Lord, We are in a world of hurt, pains, and challenges. Please uplift these things and surround those in need with your loving arms. May your ways overcome this world and the people at church on the street be filled with you in their hearts. Thank you for you!!! Thank you for your grace and mercy. Thank you for being sovereign.” 

Alaina: “I want to have Joy and love right now. I feel I don’t have it and I want to stop getting in trouble in school and work hard. I hope I get a lot of prestart this year. And I wish I have a good year. I love god and Jesus both :)”

Anonymous: “Prayer for safety and guidance for Rhiannon’s 3 girls, 2 boys and new baby girl on the way. Pray for other Patricia, sister Sky and her boys as her oldest is going to the Marines bootcamp soon.” 

Lucy: “I hope you can pray for a good Christmas and a better year.”

Cindy: “Lord Father thank you for everything and for all the people I love keep all the homeless safe and warm for my son to keep being strong and for my grandkids. Thank you.” 

Terry: “I pray that my daughter, Pamela not only accepts Jesus Christ as not only her savior but as her Lord also. She is suffering drug and alcohol problems and has lost all 8 of her children to adoption.” 

Anonymous: “I pray for my home and all God’s people. We are all Brothers and Sisters. Amen.” 

Tyrel: “I wish Rocky to have the best rest of his days on this life before he Joins the spirit world. Tunkasila.” 

MaryJane: “I hope we get a home soon and that we get a car. Also that my health becomes better. And that my seizures aren’t dangerous and as frequent. But most of all that my mother doesn’t have to go through stressful times and she wouldn’t cry that we don’t have a house or enough money for food and that all of us are split up.” 

Tanya and Jonathan: “Please pray for my boyfriend Rey to be able to come back home to be with our little family. Jonathan and I miss him very much. Also please pray that we get a place for Jonathan and me. Thank you.” 

Anonymous: “Pray for all these people who think they know how to operate this world with knowledge, smart, wisdom. God is here.” 

James: “I have two prayers. 1. For my friend who is struggling to keep her house. 2. For me to not be homeless anymore.” 

Crazy Bear: “May all the lives hearts and children of migrant families, find homes and “new” “families” for those who have lose, find homes here with Sioux Falls, SD. Minnehaha County.” 

Anonymous: “Healing for David of skin cancer. He was not accepted for clinical trials at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.” 

Anonymous: “Please pray that I will be reunited with my son Joseph. Please pray that I will get a new job and financial breakthrough, a new car with no mechanical issues, salvation for family, healing for my family members who have heart problems. (AFIB)”

LaVita: “I’m asking for prayers for me and my children for our health to overcome the sickness we been going through but I’m also thankful for the people that’s been here helping me well I’m going through my health problems.”

Anonymous: “Protection and good health for everyone.” 

Paula: “Prayer for Laura. She is having a difficult time getting back to her good health. Pray for our safe travels as we leave for Florida on Dec 26. We will be gone until mid March. We pray for you and COTS ministry daily. Thanks and blessings.” 

Anonymous: “For my family” 

William: “My pray for my family back home in Rapid City. I wish I can go home for Christmas. I miss them very very much. It’s the one time of the year my family is happy to be together. I have been gone for 8 years from my family Christmas. I pray that my family is happy and safe and I hope they know how much I miss the family dinner at Christmas and I wish I was there. I want to go home. I am trying to get home.” 

Willy: “I pray for my brother Martin. I pray for his sobriety and he stays sober. He has been sober 19 years. I pray that he will know I will follow him on the Red Road when I get home in the Black Hills and not to worry about me so much. I will be home soon Big brother. Your little brother.” 

William: “My prayer is for my family my them be safe and happy.” 

Anonymous: “Things that make me sad is losing loved ones due to disease. Take away my depression, anxiety, etc. 

Anonymous: “I’m thankful for everything I have today. I would like to pray for my family especially my mom and her addiction. I would like to pray for my kids as we’re separated at this time. Also pray for guidance and strength to stay clean and sober as I move into my new home next week and start to work on getting my babies back.” 

Shania: “Prayers for my friends and family, and myself. Just good thoughts about us out there is pretty much all.” 

Anonymous: “For my kids to be ok! And all to work out to your will!”

Bagola: “Please pray that we get our own apartment soon, and that we can learn to budget and take care of ourselves, for it’s our first time on our own, without anybody's help. Thank you. God bless!”

Jerry: “Pray for my sister! I Jerry need your prays for my sister Cheryl. For the past 11 years she has been fighting cancer stage 4 melanoma cancer. Her cancer has been clear via her PET scan! Thank the Lord for her remission. Please have the Lord keep an eye on her. Thank you”

Anonymous: “I pray for my children and grandchildren who are in Rapid City, SD, that they’re safe, warm, and are going to be together as a family to celebrate the holidays together. Prayers for Bill that he remains health as he is getting up there in age. Amen.” 

Daniel: “I need prayers for my mother. Pray for her wisdom/knowledge. I need prayers for my grandma. Pray for her to get well and stay. I need prayers for all my strong family n friends. Pray for all their struggles, heartache, and pains and to keep them happy and safe.” 

Annie: “Please pray for my daughters, Tamara Lee who has not spoken to me since 2011. I pray every day that she will forgive me. Thank you all very much!” 

Anonymous: “Open the doors of Heaven Oh God with your loving-kindness.” 

Julian and friends: “Prayer for Maria and family. Kaleb. US Army. Our military.” 

Heather and James: “For God to take sadness out of my life. All the pains of lost love ones. All the people who had

William: “I pray that my sister can deal with the sorrow of the loss of her little girl. She died 3 months ago. I know she is with god and help my sister will find and know that her loved girlis safe with god. My heart goes out to my sister. I love her very much. God help her with her sorrows.”


"Harriet - Dementia

Viola - Health

Tamaric - Alcoholism 

Ramona - Health 

Bug’s Drapeau Family

Kimberly’s health

JoAnne - Health 

World Peace”

Anonymous: “Please pray for my father who been identified with Alzheimer's. Help him find comfort and healing with this condition.” 

Anonymous: “Pray for Kathy.” 

Joe: "For everyone that came here tonight to have food on their table and a roof over their heads during the holidays.
I've been going through some hard times. My truck broke down when I was going to my sister's house in Rapid City, and my tow bill was $268+150 for an alternator and that was supposed to be my rent money and just today my landlord told me to move all my stuff out of my apartment. Plus I'm driving to Cherokee Io