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February Prayer Requests

Lord, In your Mercy...Hear our Prayer. Please pray for our members in need. They include...
Colleen: “I need an apartment. I’m tired of shelters, motels, and sleeping in cars. God Bless.”
Rollie: “Please pray for my mother, Lavon, that she will not fall down again and that I may stay sober?”
Diedra: “I pray for a home, for my 2 sons in prison, protection while they are there. Prayers for mother earth, for healthy waters, for healthy animals and good health for the people who walk this land.”
Traci: “That things with my heart issues go ok.”
Anonymous: “Prayers for my grandchildren in England who are being raised by an atheist mother. I pray they will find and know Jesus.”
Janet: “That my depression lessons and I can find a home and re-bond with my family.”
Wayne and Jackie: “These are hard times. We need strength.” (Pastoral Care request).
Colton: “Please, I am asking for strength and guidance, and protection from evil. Life is like a tornado of evil and I have to keep running to stay ahead of it. I am weak and tired. I need strength.”
Tina: “I will like prayers for my kids to change their lives in Christ. For Otis, Cathy and Darlene.”
Sherrol: “Prayers for Pastor Rebel and family and prayers for help with my light bill and difficulty in covering it along with rent.”
Anonymous: “We say here at Church on the Street that we are the family of God. I feel that. I thank God for that. Amen”
Anonymous: Pray for Rebel and her family, and for my sister in her endeavors of becoming a nurse practitioner. 
Dawson: “Thank you for our Pastor Rebel and thanks for Church on the Street. Now it is for us to take care of her. Please pray for Angel. His mom is in jail.”
Rylee: “Pray for Tommy. He lost his medicine and he can’t get more til next month. I am thankful I am in good health.”
Carol: “Prayers that the nurse can figure out my painful rash.”
Anonymous: “I pray for good health and peace for friends and family members. Prayers for me and Robert to be happy in all the years to come. For understanding and forgiveness to each other.”
Anonymous: “Prayer for health and protection for Jessalyn and Pearl.”
Israel: “Please pray for the body of Christ.” 
Vicki: “I pray that now and always to be in faith and not falter. My faith in God makes my mind peaceful and my life easier. I trust in him.”
Braydon: “I am addicted to drugs. I need help to stop. I don’t want to be this person.”
Anonymous: “Please pray for my daughter who is pregnant and unmarried. Prayers for Pastor Rebel and her family.”
Anonymous: “My heart is heavy. My grandpa has disowned me for my bad decisions. I don’t blame him. But I love him.”
Christi: “Prayers for healing, warmth and safety for all, especially those on the street. Prayers for Rebel and her family as they try and rebuild their home knowing God is with them always.”
Denise: “Prayers for my daughter Muriel while she is in treatment. Prayers for me to get back on my feet and with my addictions. To be a better person and mother.”
Karla: “Prayers for Dawson and myself. Prayers for my daughter Darcy. She is in jail with 5 charges. Please visit her Pastor Rebel. She needs you.”
Anonymous, “We pray for Pastor Rebel and her family and every day we thank God for her.”
J: “I have been struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for the strength to keep fighting every day. For Pastor Rebel and family.”
Felix Fourhorns: “I have gone right into a storm of trial. In this storm I pray that I can stay focused on the good of Jesus. I pray for Nicole to stay sober.”
Anonymous: “I know it is selfish, but please restore Pastor Rebel so she can be herself again. We don’t like to see her in pain.”
Anonymous: “Please pray for Bryce he is popping pills & not living for God. Pray for his girlfriend Kristina-for strength and to know what to do. Pray for Bryce’s baby due in April and his physical ailments.”
Anonymous: “Pray for my Randy that God opens his eyes and that I can continue to be a light.”
Anonymous: “Pray for my 3 sons    Corbin, Ashton and Taylor   May they grow up to be well.”
Crystal: “Prayer for my husband Paul Hansen who is currently in the Penitentiary in SD.”
Cynthia Knox: “Pray for blessings for my 3 children Daniel, Javon, and I’esha. We love you.”
Channing: “Thank you for praying for me! Prayers to grow and surrender in God’s love. To dissolve these walls I’ve built around my life. To find a place for my family and I to live.”
Anonymous: “Pray for all natives in Sioux Falls.”
Johnny: “Pray for my upcoming court date for trespassing on March 26th. Rebel, can you come to sit with me?”
Kayla: “That my dad won't drink anymore and will go back to rehab.”
Anonymous: “Bless you all for praying for all of us poor souls. Please say a special prayer for Harriet who selflessly gives of her talent and time to care for us.”

Church on the Street:
Please pray for Paula and her fight with cancer.
Please pray for Duane and his recovery from cancer.
Please pray for Peg and her recovery from Cancer.
Please pray for the newly housed.
Please pray for our volunteers.
Please pray for Marylin and her fight for good health.
Please pray for strength to continue this work on the street.
Please pray for the shelters and those who provide services.
Please teach us to look past our anger and racism and instead see the children of God.
Prayers for the SD Synod of the ELCA as a new bishop is being discerned. 
Prayers for the United Methodist Church as they face challenges.
Please pray for our city as we navigate together how to build a community of love, respect, and dignity for all.

Lord, In your mercy... Hear our prayer.