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January Prayer Requests

We pray for:

Jeremy W.: My life is a complete mess. I just lost the love of my life and am desperately trying to get her back. I also have a good chance to land a great job here in the next two weeks and I am desperately trying to get my own apartment. Meth kills you and everything you love. 

Robert: I was stabbed and am trying to heal. I pray for help with my life. I am an addict and I fall down. 

Daniel: Please pray for my daughters. To keep them safe and that I can get visitation. I want to keep them safe and meet their needs.

Angel: Pray for friends and family. Pray Brad doesn't die without heat. Pray for us to be safe and happy for once.

Dear Rebel, "You taught us to do street ministry. We are starting a street ministry called Romans 1:16. Together we will reach the unreachable and teach the unteachable." Nicole

Anonymous: Prayers for those affected by the government shutdown.

Felix: I pray that me and my fiance continue to grow together in God and each other as we have been every day. Unashamed!

Oscar: Prayers for all of you who keep showing up. Since my first month here. Now I live down the street in a little apartment. 

Dra: Prayers for God's almighty kingdom. Thanksgiving for his love, mercy, grace and all his wonderful works. Today we live.

Anonymous: Please pray for Brandon and his family as he battles cancer. This is a young family who needs as many prayers as possible.
Anonymous: Bless me through my trials and life to make them easier and to accept and make changes if needed in your eyes. 

Anonymous: Prayers for my upcoming semester in college.

Sherrol: Thank you for the Christmas presents. Please pray for us. I am struggling paying the utility bill. I make $8.00 too much and not the county says I cannot have help. But I cannot eat, live and drive to work without it. I just need prayers to get through this. 

Anonymous: Prayers for my discernment as I begin the process of candidacy and seminary.

Traci: I am having heart issues. I was in the hospital and am going to have a pacemaker put in. I am scared.

Art and Susan: Prayers for the Celada family. We have been struggling for the last couple of months. Please pray we stay strong and love forward through all the hardships. We love your church. Please visit us at...

Patricia: Please pray for survival. Another baby is coming into this family. I pray my daughter can take care of this one. I love them but I am getting old. 

Dontae: Prayers for healing for all of us who are healing, recovering, and restoring. For all who are sick, injured, addicted, abused and trafficked. 

Melinda: Thank you God for Church on the Street and all the people who help. I now know that I am not alone. God bless me and watch over my sad heart. In the name of Jesus, His Holy name.

Leanne: For prayers, I am requesting them for my upcoming apartment which will be ready on March 1st. I am so happy.

Anonymous: Please pray for Margaret Beaner (9) who was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Anonymous: For all God's children globally and in Israel.

Kayla: I am searching for my birth mother. Pray my search finds her.

Brent: I was just diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Johnny: Pray for everyone to safe and stay out of the places they think they can sleep in but will die. It is too cold.

Amanda: Dear Lord Jesus, My name is Amanda, I am asking prayers for my grandson, children, siblings, their children, my parents, family and friends, those hospitalized, in jail, in prisons, my boyfriend and myself. Keep us all safe, warm, healthy and from evil. Also, those who come in and out of our lives on a daily basis. Please keep your loving hands over us all. Please forgive me for all my sin. Watch over my boyfriend, Ray Spotted Elk. 

Johnny Hall: I could use some one on one conversation and I am told you are the people to go to. I am staying at the Bishop on 8th. Thank you!

Colleen: I am doing really great. The last time we talked I wasn't. Thank you for listening and praying for you. Rebel says there are lots of you. Please pray that I keep doing well and can move up the discipleship program at the mission. I pray now. I am in this program until June 1st. 

Gerrie: I pray that my sisters and brothers are ok. My son is in prison and I wasn't to see him soon but my health is not good. I also have other requests. Please call me at...

Randy: I need a good full-time job. I am thankful for our breakfast prayers with Rebel. 

Annie: Please pray for my daughter, Tamara who has been estranged since July 2011. This was my fault because I was an alcoholic and ruined my life. I have stopped drinking and I pray she finds it in her heart to forgive me. Someday.

Joyce: Please pray for 3 of my kids who are in trouble over drugs. That they can quit before they die. Also for me as I think I have cancer from smoking. I quit 6 years ago but it got me anyways. I want to stay alive to help my children when they get out of prison. 

Ray: I would ask you to pray for my family and friends I meet in Sioux Falls. Bless you.

Anonymous: Health, happiness and financial well being for all gathered here today. 

Anonymous: Everybody who needs food.

Amy: Lord, please bless all of these people here today as much and more as you have blessed me. Thank you. Amen

Anonymous: For Lisa, who is struggling with faith in God and in powerless over it.

Jack: Please pray for my wife Mary.

K.R.: Please pray not to let me be lazy, to have strenth and guidance.

Dustin: God I am pissed. I just got out of treatment and I cannot fight against alcohol. I CANNOT. HELP ME.

April: Please pray for my kids. They are going down the wrong path. One of them is in custody. I started work at HyVee on 26th. Please stop by and say hi. I have a lot on my plate and I just can't take it all. 

Michael: Prayers to find a good job and find an apartment.

William: I am depressed and cannot get out of this hole. Thank you for hope.

Please pray for Harriet, that she keeps showing up for us. 

Tina: Please pray for my eye sight. I have conjunctivitis and I am pregnant. Thank you for this service today. Thank you for the book too. He is my favorite. Best Regards

Dawson: Thank you for all you do for us. My mom doesn's say thank you but she is very thankful. Just thank you.

Church on the Street:
Please pray for Paula and her fight with cancer.
Please pray for Duane and his recovery from cancer.
Please pray for the newly housed.
Please pray for our volunteers.
Please pray for Marylin and her fight for good health.
Please pray for strength to continue this work on the street.
Please pray for the shelters and those who provide services.
Please teach us to look past our anger and racism and instead see the children of God.
Prayers for the SD Synod of the ELCA as a new bishop is being discerned. 
Please pray for our city as we navigate together how to build a community of love, respect, and dignity for all.

Lord, In your mercy... Hear our prayer.