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January Prayer Requests

Hello and Happy Sunday, 

Many of you are probably watching the Superbowl and will not get this until tomorrow, so Happy Monday to you folks. 

Something we learned this month is that it takes a village to run a street church. It really does. Brandon Lutheran (Pastor Dan and gang) and Bethany Lutheran (Pastor Rick and gang) from Howard joined to partner with Church on the Street in January to be church together. It was a beautiful day (not weatherwise-eek) but we still gathered together as we were, to pray, worship, have fellowship, and be the children of God

Hey, YOU HANDWARMER DONORS, thank you so much for your gifts. We have had a few cold snaps and I truly believe these have saved fingers, toes, and maybe even lives. Thank you for your donations! 

Just a reminder, we are grateful to have you walk alongside our folks in prayer. Your prayers are powerful. God Bless you!

In ministry together,



 We lift up these prayers to our Father in Heaven. The one who knows our hearts and our needs and who always welcomes us back into His fold.  
Lord, In your Mercy...Hear our Prayer. Please pray for our members in need. These prayers include...

Natalie B- "Health Issues"

"Please pray for Kobe Bryant and all the ones that died in the helicopter. To stay on this good road with the Lord! My children and grandchildren. That I can secure a job. One I will like :)"

"Need a prayer for my sister Marsha. She is in jail. Her mother in law will not give her son back. Please pray for her!" 

"Thank you for the FREE laundry!  I really appreciate it! My mom and brother and sisters are thankful we finally have clean laundry! God Bless! Thank you!"

"I wanna pray my car gets fixed and we have it for a long time. I need prayers for getting my own place and my 2 kids can finally have a place to call home. God Bless and thank you!"

"Pray that my relationship gets better and that I don't have any more yelling at me for stupid reasons and threatening me with cops and kicking me out."

"Please pray for Kerry and his family as he has passed away. Friends and family are having a rough time."

"Need prayers for my family. Just in general. Thank you, Angela"

"Prayer request for my family especially my 2nd to oldest Ricky who is in the Marine Corps training camp in CA. I want guidance for him. I love him so much. And I am so lonely. But I know God will take care of him. Patricia"

Pray that we get along better than we have been lately and not have him not so controlling. I love him so much Justin is being not a good person lately.  I don't know why. Send prayers."

"Please pray for Kerry's family. May he rest in peace. Please pray for Kobie Bryant's family and pray for my health and my family all the babies and troops and their families. Pray for all that and my family." Cindy

David: “Pray for Shannon and her family who are struggling with bills and car trouble, and pray for the homeless in the cold weather. And I pray that I get a home this month. 


Anonymous: “Pray for financial help, me, job, family, addiction. 


Anonymous: “Prayers for Patricia for strength. Aaron and Alijah. My sons graduate and go to college. Jared, healing.

April - "bounty, strength, and sobriety.”


Cindy: “Please pray for me and Dustin, for him for his new job, for my health, thank you Lord. 


 Anonymous: “Today I pray for all the homeless in the cold. May God bless them. I pray they find warmth in Jesus. Amen.” 


Earnestine: “Please pray for my children, and also my entire family. Thank you.” 


Anonymous: “Please bless all who are in this place - and all who cannot be in this place. Bless our country. Please stop the fires in Australia. Thank you for your blessings upon me.” 


Anonymous: “Dear god can my mom come back and that my dad accepts that she can live with us because I miss her and that my family will be safe and not scared. Amen.” 


Anonymous: “Special prayers for the homeless, hungry, children, elderly, women in abuse relationships. For my Ron possibly going to war, had reenlisted another 4 years. Give me and my husband strength to make it through this rough time in our relationship.” 


Theda: “Please pray that my cousin Edna is in good health. She is in Egen. Also I pray for strength and guidance.” 


Anonymous: “I would prayers for Harriet (Dementia), Viola (Health), Ramona (Diabetes and Lung Disease), Travis comes flying family, Kimberly and kids and Chuey and family, Recountre family, everyone in hospitals, prisons, and the ones alone, hurting, world peace.” 


Anonymous: “ I pray that my bother will make better decisions.” 


Monica: “Peace for where to walk. Quietness on my mind to listen to God’s spirit not my anxieties.”


Kayla: “Pray for stable housing and employment.” 


Robert and Christina: “Healing in my knee and ankle, with housing, finding stuff we will need moving into an apartment soon and that we stay strong in the Lord.” 


Anonymous: “Prayers for all who are struggling with meth addiction, very very hard for them to get off and stay off. So Lord stop all the meth us in Sioux Falls. Amen.” 


Shauna Lynn: “Pastor Rebel, I would like to ask if you can baptize my beautiful daughter ________. I stay at the woman’s shelter and pray for our country as we go through a tough time.” (Baptism scheduled:)


Anonymous: “Please pray that I will be reunited with my son. Please pray for the salvation of my family and friends, financial breakthrough, a new job, a new care with no mechanical issues, healing for my body, Thank you and God bless you!!” 


Anonymous: “Prayer’s for Clayton, Lambert, Standing Rock Rez, prayer for all the families who are broken, just that the Lord would open up all the closed hearts and draw them all to him… show them that he’s real and to shower his love upon them. Pray for all the backsliders and to let them know he’s a  forgiving God… God of many chances… The Lord knows the prayer requests for Ricky, Tiffany. Help us to you love us just as we are and unconditionally.”


Anonymous: “Please pray for myself and all the other women at the shelter so we can find jobs and places to live. Please pray for my boyfriend Kobie so that he makes it to Sioux Falls safely Monday and that he doesn’t have to sleep outside. Please also pray for my good friend Lucy who gets abused and hurt by her parents and family so she may get out of there safely.” 


Anonymous: “Prayers for gratitude. Prayers for loneliness.” 


Karla: “Pray for my daughter Darcy, Grandson Angel, son Dawson. They go to court soon. That God will be with them and have Mercy. And Jesus. Pray for me and Dawson. Pray for strength and guidance for my family. Pray for Darcy and Angel send some angels to be there where they’re at. Thank you” 


Kayla: “Prayers for finding my family. I am reaching out across the country and hope they respond.” 


Terry: “Pray for better health also legal issues.” 


Phil: “I Need prayer for my family and self. And pray for my girlfriend who’s going through a rough time.” 


Annie: “Thank you all for always praying for us. Please add to your list my daughters. Tamara who has not spoken to me for several years now and Emily who is mentally ill. Bless you all.” 


Anonymous: “Peace to come.” 


Dawson: “A spirit for thanks and forgiveness, 13 length shoes. Lord and food and warmth. Jesus.”


Kelli: “To find and know the Lord and turn away from drugs and alcohol.” 


Donna: “Please pray for my safety and my disease and hospital stays.” 


Anonymous: “Please pray for my friend Staci in Colorado who is dealing with Cancer. Also please pray for my son Nolan and his girlfriend Chris in hopes they will get their house soon.” 


Dave and Mary: “Please help us find jobs and a way to pay rent. We really want to find a way to keep this apartment and make it our home. Thank you.” 


Anonymous: “Please pray for my son Charles in Springfield and for all the people going through addictions, spiritual, sickness, abuse, neglect, may they find their hope in Christ.” 


Crow: “Pray for the ‘country,’ healing, love warmth; pray for all the helpless victims of natural disasters. Keep them safe...


Lord, in your Mercy...Hear our Prayer!