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July Church On The Street Prayers

Journey: "God, my family and I are homeless at the moment. I ask God to renew my heart, as well as my fiance's soul so that we can become one unit and more like him. Someday we can raise our children different and guide them in the way of the Lord and guide us as we grow in the Lord."

Annonymous: "I was homeless for about two years- way too long. I was given a place to be. I was doing everything right and then the person I was living with... can't talk about yet. So I can be homeless or live in this. Please pray for guidance for me."

Annonymous: "I had a heart attack in April and the medicine I am on can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Please pray for me. Thank you for praying for me. God Bless you."

Annonymous: "Please pray for Mommy Robin and family that God guide their paths and help us as a family to lean not on MY understanding. And please pray God help me to be the mother I could be and please God forgive me for all my sins. Amen."

Name withheld: "I have 5 beautiful children and I pray that my attitude towards life hasn't been the best. I tend to become upset over everything. I know God, I just need prayer for peace, understanding and more faith. I don't want to be left on earth or in hell. Keep and protect my family o God."

Annonymous: "Jacob's family is living at the mission. Separately. They came from St. Louis. They have found jobs, but are unable to find housing so will have to leave. Pray for stability in their lives. For faith in their children's lives and trust that God will see them thru."

Miranda: "Please pray for my girlfriend back in Rapid City and that people will accept us."

Annonymous: "That Tommy finds purpose in life."

Prayer request for our family. We are the Grimes family. 

Diane: "Lord please heal my sore leg and my liver cancer."

B & T: "My girlfriend and I are sobering up and trying to get our kids back into our lives. I am trying to work and stay working, We both have found Jesus but we are lost at times. We both have come a long way but just need God's strength to keep going. Thank you for your support all the time and listening to us and praying with us."

Cindy: "Please pray for my son and his wife. They are having marriage problems."

Margarete: "To find a home to keep Joe safe.To find peace and happiness for everyone."

Traci: "To have a job and peace here. That my health will improve. See you at laundry with love."

Marietta:  "So many of my family struggle. Why do we struggle so much and others don't at all? Please pray for us broken families."

Kathy: "Please pray for me to get better health and a place to live and to get closer to my father in heaven."

NGor A Agueal: "To see my South Sudan people."

Andrea: "I would like you to pray for my daughter Amelia, pray for her safety."

Roberta: "I need prayer for myself for sobriety, health problems, for me to get strong with God and to be better than I've been doing. I pray for my friend, Mary, for stability, anxiety and that we find jobs and home. Amen"

Keith: "I need prayers to reunite with my family and not be homeless. Also, to be forgiven so I can get a job again." 

Travis: "To love all people God gives me as a blessing."

B: "I need prayers to change my life. I have been homeless so long now. I want to stay out of the mental hospital and get my mind right. I need people who will stick by my side and not leave."

Colton: "Recently I relapsed on methamphetamine. I need prayer to keep myself clean and take my life back. Thank you for feeding me today too."

Earnestine: "I have never had a church. I guess please pray for my family and especially my kids."

Malinda: "Pray for my health and my marriage to Anthony."

Sherrol: "I need to find a place to live and get my puppy and kitty back."

Mr. Lergene: "Please pray for my family and my health. I a worried about the weather changing soon. I pray for Ms. Rebel too." 

Preston: "I pray for success and blessings to all here today."

Annonymous: "Prayers for my family Arture, Jr., Susan, Alanna, Arture and Aniga. May they know Jesus and us find a home."

Donna: "Me and Robert are struggling. Please pray for us."

Annonymous: "I would like all of you to please pray for my family in Wagner. Please watch over them and keep them safe while I am in Sioux Falls."

David: "Please pray for Mary."

Jay: "I am thankful today. I lost my job but got a new one the next day. Prayers answered."

Denise: "Thank you for always meeting and listening. Thank you Harriet for food last week and laundry. I just want to say thank you today. Pray for my health."

Karla: "Please keep praying for my family. Angel is doing good but needs school clothes."

Dawson: "Pray for patience and stay on meds." 

Jerry: "Pray for people to be nicer and more understanding. I did not choose this. It chose me."

Church on the Street: Please pray for Duane. He is battling Colon Cancer. Pray for healing for him and strength for Paula. Praise Jesus.

Lord, In your mercy... Hear our prayers.