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June Prayer Requests

Jeremy: I pray for clarity of mind in the most confusing part of my life so far. God please guide me on my journey and help me make the right decisions. 

Roxanne: I picked up the habit of drinking it helps me forget the pain. I even self-harmed myself but ended up in the physic ward for a day. I'm so lost without my mother. Yet I'm so angry I don't want her coming back. I have a lot of healing. (*Follow up on suicide prevention is being addressed)

Anonymous: Holy Spirit, I ask for fire for these street ministers. I ask you to help them with 1) Breaking and pulling down strongholds. 2) Prayers for healing for people 3) brotherly love Because we can do greater things. 

Melinda: I am receiving chemotherapy for cancer and cannot afford basic things like food and cleaning supplies. I think God put you in the hallway of my apartment. I just heard you say God loves you to my neighbor and thought it was for me. Thank you for having someone pick me up. I haven't been to church in years. I am having such a beautiful time and I love it so much.I just want to thank you, praise God Amen!

Geri: I am requesting your prayers. I am presently homeless-living at the mission or sleeping in the vehicle. I am employed and looking for a higher paying job. I had a job interview at Avera. I certainly hope and pray I will be considered for the position, Will be working to reinstate my CNA and Med-Aid. Pray for my children and great-grandchildren. Thank you very much. 

Jonna: I am requesting prayers to help me and my 4 kids as I file for divorce. To keep us safe as we start over after leaving an abusive relationship. And to help us find resources to feed and care for my kids.

Anonymous: I would like you to pray for my Grandma. She has breast cancer. Please pray for Deb too, she has breast cancer. And pray for all the men and women in shelters.

DaVonna: I have a new job now and am supporting me and my son. It is hard for me to learn quickly. Please pray I can do it. I love having it. 

Pracilla: Please pray for me and my baby. 

Archie: I have been on the streets for 4 years now. I do well with my mental illness sometimes and not sometimes.

Amy: I am new to town. Thank you for coming and talking to me and inviting me. It is good to be here.

Nancy: I ask the Lord for healing in my body and the ability to keep sharing Jesus with all I meet in my job.

Nor: God Bless you all.

Boski: Lord thank you. Please help me stay focused and strong. Holy Spirit guide me. I have stayed sober and that is hard around people who use. Please help me.

Dina: Please pray for me as I go in for a double mastectomy on the 20th. Will you visit in the hospital? Thank you. 

Lino: I need the Almighty God to help me to get out of the homeless life to be somebody. Deliver me from the streets.

James: To you brothers and sisters. Pray for me to be as Jesus was. 

Marlee and Marquez: I pray that me and my family will find a home! And that we will never be homeless again. 

John: I am a vet with major PTSD. I have night terrors. Please pray for me. 

Anonymous: Prayers for me to let go of fear, anger, old hurts and resentment towards myself and my husband. I want to have a clean heart and an open mind. To stop being critical and not judge everyone and expect things to be "my way" all the time. My husband is in inpatient treatment yesterday. I feel abandoned. 

Tyree: Please pray for my Aunt Stephanie in Nebraska.

Tiffany: We met this week. Thank you for talking to me. I pray for each of you here with me. This feels so good. Pray that people are patient with me at the shelter. Please visit again.

David and Diane:  We both have cancer. We know we will die. We need and love you, Jesus. In your Holy name, bless us. 

Donna: I have health problems. Please pray for my health.

M.W.W.: A better life for all who are here.

Linda: I appreciate what this contribution to the Lord and people is doing for the community, themselves, and I pray for this happening. 

Amy: Been looking for affordable housing since September. Need a safe home. Pray that my SSI benefits come through and pray for my daughter, Emily's salvation. 

Tierra and kids: That God continues to give me and my family strength and growth. Thank you to Rebel, Jo, and Gary. 

Anonymous: I pray for my case manager, Carolyn, whose suffering with pain from a tragic motorcycle accident.

Anonymous: My son, Justin is very, very depressed. He is a teenager and is so bullied. 

Carolyne: Please pray for my children, our grandchildren, whoa re going through so many trials and tribulations being homeless. 

Suzanne: Prayers for my whole family. They don't have a church like this. Bring God into their lives.

Layton: Prayers for Jenny, for forgiveness, and Jason for his addictions plus he takes care of his kids.

Fidencio: I need a job. And pray for Olive. Too many bad people around her. 

Karla: Thank you for your prayers. I pray for my grandson all the time. He is back home and going good. Pray I can cloth and feed him. Pray for my son and daughter too. 

Gerrie: Pray for the people who scammed me. 

Dawson: I thank God for your love. I pray for stable mental health.

Anonymous: I feel peace here. June 9th at 11:14 AM. I love the people here. They are my family. 

Anonymous: Please pray for Kayla's continued recovery from cancer and complete healing. Thank you for her friendship. 

Anonymous: I would love a prayer to get me through my loneliness, hardship and life-changing experiences. I want to go back to high school in the fall and be reunited with my family.