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June Prayer Requests

Dear Church on the Street Prayer Warriors,
How can we be the church in a genuine, faithful way? We can pray for those who reach out to us with deep cares and concerns and who trust us to do as we say we do and pray for them often. Someone asked this month how I pray for, all of these folks, every day? It was a good question. It took me back to four years ago when Church on the Street began.
I learned that folks in their most desperate and vulnerable times might have needed to hear a prayer out loud, but often needed me to carry their prayers with me as I left. I kept a pocket-sized notebook and quickly wrote the prayers down when I left their side. We didn’t have a relationship yet. I was a stranger, and they were vetting me, so to speak.

I began to pray the prayers given to me in quiet whispers; those given to me through tears of shame, and those given to me in anger and despair. Like a 4thgrader (or Hebrew student) I prayed them out loud and pictured the clothes they wore, their eyes, where I found them, if they were in a car, at a shelter, or in the street as to be a memory trigger so that if I saw them the next day I would remember where we left off in a conversation. 

Today, I still meet new folks out on the street, but I have a pastoral relationship with the majority I come across on my route. Each day, as I pick up where I left off on this prayer list because of the sheer number, I am grateful for the opportunity to be the church with every single person who entrusts their prayers to both you and me. I thank you for your prayers. I thank you for your time. I thank you for being part of this church who cares deeply for you and everyone on this list.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you today.
1. Colleen: I move into my apartment on July 1st. My address is: removed. I need a futon and a stand with doors for a T.V. My number is removed. Thanks a lot. (Thank you to Lutheran Church of Dell Rapids for filling this need).Please pray for Colleen and this transition.
2. Anonymous: Please pray for guidance. In professional, spiritual, and relational decisions
3. Ronnie: My prayer is that my family will never forget me. Also, pray for my Kitty Annie, that she has a happy life with her new family. 
4. Brenda R: If I might get some meat for my children to eat. Thank you.
5. Bruce: Please Pray for: 
            - my wife Stephanie that she softens her heart and opens it. Pray for our children.
            - My friend, Lee, that the chains of alcohol be removed from his heart and mine.
            -The homeless folks I encounter every day and night and give me God’s strength.
            -Please pray that the Judge on July 15threalizes that a suspended imposition is clearly the    best sentence that could be handed down to me. Best for my family, my church, my     brothers and sisters in Christ. I have much of God’s work to do.
            -May God bless all you prayer warriors in the home of the Risen Savior. Thank you. 
6. Annie: Every time the Dr. calls my daughter is getting worse. Jehovah, give her peace! Bless you all. 
7. Anonymous: Pray for all the children. For all the struggle family’s and friends. Better days to come.