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Location Update for Laundry with Love

Laundry with Love will now be taking place at two different locations each month!  We started out last May at The Laundromat Company but had to make a change due to a fire at that location in January.  So, for the past 6 months Sioux Falls Laundry has welcomed us with open arms!  Now that the Laundromat Company is back up and running we decided to use both places.   We are hoping to be able to serve more people in Sioux Falls by using the two different locations.

The 2nd Tuesday of the month will be held at The Laundromat Company located at 701 N. Cliff  and the 4th Tuesday of the month will be at Sioux Falls Laundry located at 330 N. West Ave (days may be adjusted for holidays).  The time will remain the same, 6:00-8:00pm.  

Please contact Harriet by email if you would like to donate quarters, provide a meal, or volunteer at a night of Laundry with Love.