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May Prayer Requests

We lift up these prayers to our Father in Heaven. The one who knows our hearts and our needs and who always welcomes us back into His fold.  
Lord, In your Mercy...Hear our Prayer. Please pray for our members in need. These prayers include...

CR: “Homeless but not hopeless, Thanks be to the Lord and For Loving hearts like you!!!”
Wakiya: “To get the drugs off the streets and help all of us stay strong.”
“Please pray for my neighbors in Starlite Trailer Court and my co-workers at SBI and the kids and their families that ride my school bus.”
Oran: “Lord, I pray for guidance, strength, forgiveness, understanding, and health. Bless me Lord if it be your will, take my hand in your mighty hand open my heart and mind bring me back into your grace lead me my mighty God. In Jesus name, I pray this unto you my Lord God.”
“For my friends David, healing of Melanoma and healing for kidney cancer for Diane. Thank you Jesus.”
Dawson: “I love my cross now on my neck. Thank you for everything. Ok”
“Please pray for my family. My brother David and sister Jakki passed away last month 4 days apart.”
“Prayer for more strength and blessing. A home for me and my boyfriend.”
Brent: “Please pray form me and my wife. We need help. Thank you.”
“Farmers hurt by the floods. My sister in completing her nursing practitioner classes. For Church on the street to be blessed. For all people who need your strength and compassion.”
“Pray that I can get an apartment and a good job and mend my broken heart and I wanna be baptized.”
“Please pray for my son in prison.”
Felix: “Keep me and Nicole humble, wise, abiding in your spirit, to seek compassion in every encounter with others, to know your forgiveness and to make it our own, to search our hearts for your will, and to always show our faith in actions. In Jesus Holy Name, Amen.”
“I pray for sobriety and that my relationship with God grows.”
Gerri: “Hello! Pray for my son and the homeless and the drug addicts and many suicides. Pray that I would find a home- Thank you. Love and Faith to everybody, God Loves you!”
Cindy: “Please pray for all those in need. We need you father and pray for my son to keep going down the right path and for the children being taken evil and bad people and for myself to rebuke all the sickness out of me and pray for me to have strength and quit smoking.”
“Thank you for always being there for us, Angel, Darcy in jail, me, Dawson and my sister Julie. Angel’s shoes you got him were stolen in JDC. Sorry.”
“Prayers to those in need – may God provide love safety and health.”
Arthur: “asks for prayers that he is a better man than he was the day before.”
Bruce: “Please pray for my family that their hearts be softened and that they will welcome me back home when they are ready to realize that we belong together as a family. Please soften the heart of the judge to realize I am truly reformed and delivered from my addiction to alcohol. I have not had a drink since January 20, 2019 (my choice). May God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit permanently deliver me from my addiction. May the judge have mercy on me and grant me a suspended imposition. I can do much good out of jail. I have a great testimony to share amen! Thank you to this church for asking for my prayer. “
Kerry: “The Lord works in ways that we can’t understand I broke my ribs last year and you were here. I had an x-ray and found that I have a mass under my lungs. You prayed for me to have good results. Please pray for good results and continued health.” Update: Kerry says to thank you all who have prayed for him. He went to the doctor and your prayers for him were answered! Hallelujah! 
Melinda: “Pray for my cousin Andre and for Pastor Rebel. Can you please come and see me this week? Thanks for my family, my children, my health. “
Denise: “Prayers for all the families who are struggling on how to pray for our relatives and friends who are addicted to meth and alcohol. Satan is causing division and families so let’s pray for restoration and our families. Pray for us to fulfill our calling God has called us all to do prayers for all the backsliders and come back into the circle of Christ. Amen I also pray for my whole reservation. “
Andrea: “Prayers for my daughter who is on meth. And my sister who is stranded in Eagle Butte in life there with her kids that are doing what they want and not taking care of their kids. She is drinking. Some lady took her daughter and doesn’t want to give her back. Prayers for my whole family there and all the meth. Only you Jesus can help take away the desire for meth. “
“Be with Grandpa Egan, Danny, Grandpa Jarratt and all of our families “
Annie: “Please pray for peace for my troubled daughter, Emily who had another surgery this week.”
Kayla has a two-month-old puppy, male border collie and springer spaniel she needs to find a home for. 605-271-6319.
Angel: “Pray for my left knee to get better and to have no infection and that Brad and I have a good relationship and it gets stronger. Pastor visit from Rebel when you have time.”
Pat: “Thank you church on the street, I am so grateful to have you all in my life. Praise the Lord! He is king! Thank you Lord my family is very grateful and thankful for you and the church.”
“Pray for the unborn and the incarcerated. “
Gayton: “Please pray for me and my family and our well-being and safety that we can strive to do better. Amen”
Bobbi and kids: “Thank you first all for Jesus. Please guide my steps and protect my family. We need to get a car to get to where we need to go. “
“Please pray for my family and also for my friend Everett and Jack. And also for my own self Johnny. Pray for the Lord to keep everyone safe in my life. Amen to God.”
Alvarado: “Prayers for my brother Adonis.”
Truman: “Please pray for my kids and please pray for my head and body. I am broken and please pray for Bonnie. I need to pass safely.”
 “I pray for all of the amazing people here today and your smiles. You show up no matter what.”
 “Pray for the people here with Church on the Street.”
“Thank you for praying with me today and visiting me at the shelter. My brother Ben passed away and I never cried for him.”