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November Prayer Requests

Prayers from the Street and Laundry with Love:

Rambo: I pray for a Warm Place to Stay or an apartment. My truck windows are broke.

Anonymous: Please pray for my sick Grandmother in Addis and Gambella, Ethiopia.

Anonymous: Please pray the Spirit of God is upon me.

Anonymous: Pray for the men and women that are in Prison. Hospitals, Homeless and for gun control.

Nyakueth: For strength, healing, God to speak and live through me and be able to acclimate financial peace so I can help back in Africa.

Anonymous: I pray for food to feed my family, less pain so I can work, and that my family will come to church with me.

Amira: I pray for my family to come all together. 

Carrie: Please pray for healing in my body.

Tierra: Please pray for my baby Av'ae and her appointment with the lung specialist.

Anonymous: I pray for my daughters: Emily, Tamara Lee, and also for Lucy.

Anonymous: I pray for help with self-harm and calming people down.

Veronica: I need prayer for my children and my mother for a job and to get out of depression.

Sylvia: A petition for my husband Moses A Alarcon Melendez; praying for his I130 to be approved from immigration so he can come back to his family here in Sioux Falls, SD, and be with us. It is hard to do it alone. Than you.

Annette: Please pray for my spouse. He says he is sorry, but he beats me. (This is Being followed up on).

Karla: Please pray for my family. There are bedbugs in the apartment next door and I am afraid they will get in my new apartment next door.

Stephen: Please pray for a better life. It is cold. I never wanted this but I know deep in my heart that God has a plan for this and will take care of me.

Anonymous: Please keep me in mind to pray for me to keep my job and get an apartment.

Cindy: Please pray for me. I took my son to rehab and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Church on the Street has made me strong enough to do this. Thank you.

Nya: I pray for my beautiful niece and family that we find a home for my mother and so we can live somewhere in America for good.

Anonymous: I ask you guys to pray for my brother Komnoor that they angels bless and protect him and he gets the strength to finish his dreams.

Church on the Street: Please pray for Duane who is battling Colon Cancer. Pray for healing for him and strength for Paula. 
Please pray for friends who have lost a child through a failed adoption.
Please pray for our volunteers.
Please pray for Marylin and her fight for good health.
Please pray for strength to continue this work on the street.

Lord, In your mercy... Hear our prayer.