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November Prayer Requests

Grace and Peace friends,


As we enter the season of Advent, we do so with a happy and thankful heart. I preached yesterday about the meaning of Advent, the season of waiting. We wait to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we also eagerly wait for Jesus to come back for us. 


As we go about our daily lives, we do not spend a great deal of time looking around and seeing if Christ showed up today. Life continues on. For some, life is very hard. For those living in homelessness and poverty- Life. is. very. hard!

They can't wait for our Lord Jesus Christ to come. They are ready now. Today. 

  • They cannot wait to be in the kingdom of God. They can't wait to be in their Father's house where there are many rooms, and one will be prepared just for them. (John 14)
  • They can't wait to receive power and wealth, wisdom and might, honor, and glory, and blessing. (Revelation 5:9)
  •  They can't wait for the mourning, the crying, and the pain to end. (Revelation 21:4)
  • They can't wait to transform their lowly bodies. (Philippians 3)

In this season of waiting, we give thanks that we can be the church together. We give thanks that we can live into the Gospel of Jesus Christ and proclaim that all are welcome, loved, and forgiven. We give thanks for you, our prayer partners, all of our volunteers, our staff, our generous givers, our pastoral support, our Lutheran and ecumenical partners, and mostly, our congregation. We pray that the waiting is less stressful, and the season of Advent is a blessing to many, including you. 


In ministry together,



 We lift up these prayers to our Father in Heaven. The one who knows our hearts and our needs and who always welcomes us back into His fold.  
Lord, In your Mercy...Hear our Prayer. Please pray for our members in need. These prayers include...

Brent and Janie: “Pray for our health. We both have a cyst. I had my ear operated on this week. Brent’s is in his brain.”

Sunny and Kids: "Dear Lord, I thank you for today. For the breath of beautiful air. For this church that loves us. Thank you for my life and my children and family. I would like to ask for strength and guidance and peace. Help me to continue to live for you. Praying for my mom's strength and my sister's health. Amen"

Anonymous: “I ask for prayer for Ray and Carolyn that we will find employment and that my health, everything will be well and my back problems will be healed. My children will be well and safe in Rapid City, SD.”

Malinda: “I’m praying for a great recovery all the people having a hard time the homeless a humble heart in the name of Jesus.”

Anonymous: “Prayer for my 19-year-old grandson Tim that he will find it in his heart to make better decisions.”

“Pray for the whole Roubideaux Family. Pray for my brother Tony who is homeless and having heart problems. Waiting on housing.”


Anonymous: “My family, jobs, love for one another.”


Anonymous: “Please pray that my family will respond and will want to be in my life. This is my first Christmas without my dog. I miss him so much.” 


Anonymous: “Prayers for all who struggle with loneliness.”


Marcus: “Working on sobriety. Pray for the mother of my children, my children, and everyone cold and hungry. Thank you, God.”


Anonymous: “Pray for my family and friends.”


Anonymous: “Pray for me and my 3 children who are in CPS custody. Prayers for staying sober and strong for kids to help them have peace of mind that they will come home, it just takes time and hard work.”


Tre O : “Guidance, strength & protection for my family, friends and me. Help me through my struggles and hard times.”


Cindy: “Please pray for me and my broken heart and for the one that hurt me. Pray for everyone to be safe in the bad weather and all the people I love. I thank you Lord for everything.”


Anonymous: “Everyone is welcomed. Everyone is warm. Everyone can have a roof. Great grandpa lives through the night.”


Anonymous: “Everyone is welcomed! God Bless this church.”


Marianne: “That I will by the grace of God be able to buy the house on Baulare Ave. Amen.”


Anonymous: “To feel whole and trust that the future will work out.”


Gayleen: “I would like to pray everyone has a safe and loving holiday season and that there could be peace on earth.”


Anonymous: “Pray we will live in Jesus.” 


Anonymous: “Please pray for Tab, he has life-threatening injuries. Also, please pray for my mom.” 


Anonymous: “Grandson Jack. Nerve issues. Much pain.”


Karla: “Pray for Darcy and Angel that they’ll get out of jail. For strength and guidance. Pray for me and Dawson.”


Tim: “I am Beaten and lonely. Pray for me.”


Anonymous: “Forgiveness of sins. Healing from past relationships. Employment. Hope. Homelessness. Good spirits and health. Mend broken family and help make it strong.”


Anonymous: “Prayer for my children.” 


Anonymous: “My family and friends. Guide us all in the right direction.”


Anonymous: “I pray for my older sister Teresa. And for everyone at St. Joseph's Indian school. And my grandpa :(“


Anonymous: “Please pray for the Barry family.”


Anonymous: “Please pray for Madi and Pewayne.”


Anonymous: “Please pray that I will be reunited with my son, financial break-through, a new job, salvation for my family and friends, a new car.”


Anonymous: “Pray for peace, love, happiness, and to see my kids for x-mas.”


Josue, Julian, and Janet: “Prayers for good health for my children, my family, my self. Enough money to pay for my homes and utilities, and food.” 


Sylvia and Ruben: “Moises. His visas and waivers and green card be approved by immigration and he can come home to the United States with his family.”


Anonymous: “Say a prayer for my daughter to be stronger for my littles and grandchildren. I hope they have a better life. Thank you!”


Anonymous: “Say a prayer for Todd for his alcohol problem, has so much hold on him… Hope he’s strong someday soon to let go of alcohol. Thank you. I love him, too.”


Earnestine: “Please pray for my family, special my kids, Otis, Darlene, Tina, Ulonda, Cynthia, Chris.” 


Anonymous: “Pray to make it homes to my family this year.” 

Lord, in your Mercy...Hear our Prayer!