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October Prayer Requests

Grace and Peace friends,

I am writing this from Gullixson Hall at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. This year marks the beginning of my 20th year of being educated and I still have so many questions and so many things to learn. I hope I am not alone in that. Thank you for walking alongside me during my seminary years and let's keep asking questions together to see what God is up to.

I wonder, how can we authentically be the church in the lives of people who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ? How can we both serve and be served by the lost, the last, and the least? And how can we not see Jesus when we look into the eyes of the folks we meet, a man born into humble beginnings, who was homeless during his time on earth and who had few possessions? Jesus lived in community with the poor. I pray we can too.

As we begin the hustle and bustle of the upcoming season, we invite you to lean into the passion of Paul, in Romans 12, who teaches us to love others as we love each other, or Jesus' sermon in Luke 6, where we are given an invitation to step into forgiveness, to love our enemies, and grow our compassion for our neighbor. We still have much to learn and I am thankful I have you to learn with. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

In ministry together,

 We lift up these prayers to our Father in Heaven. The one who knows our hearts and our needs and who always welcomes us back into His fold.  
Lord, In your Mercy...Hear our Prayer. Please pray for our members in need. These prayers include...

Janice: “I’d like for a prayer for my son Marcus who is sitting in jail for his first time looking at Federal Prison time. Also, pray for all humanity, women, men, and children. We are all in struggling times. Thank you.” 
Malania: “Praying for myself & kids Jaryd & Kira good health— Praying for friends Donna G.S., for good health— Praying for myself. Be with me, continue to show me the right path, to continue to be sober & to be the best mother I can be every day. Thanks.”
Anonymous: “Prayers for my two sons who have been released from prisons so that they both will do as told from their probation officers. So they will change their lives around and watch their children grow and prayer for myself the mother to stay strong to help my sons make better choices and to get our own home and to live as a family again.”
Crow: “Church on the Street, I’d like to ask for prayers for all of the rude people who have no respect for others. Thank all the C.O.T.S people for always being there for rides, gifts, knowledge, sanity. Pray for the Crow family, and the Marshall family. I ask that God, will always watch over, the ones who can’t take care of themselves. That this winter us homeless person shall not freeze… that these always be with someone… Ask that God will show us, knowledge, wisdom, respect, honor, love, understanding, and most of all humility… Thank you.” 
Anonymous: “Light shines in the darkness” 
  • Pray for: loss of my brother Maza 2015, nephew Owen and Niece Allayah in foster care. 
  • my siblings, Mom Carole & Family, My spouse, To build a house 
  • plant gardens, medical needs, prosper, fulfill gracious promise, people of God
  • my son graduating this year! watch over him too :), cont. make healthy choices 
  • Exiles, government peace, cultural strength, addictions, Sunny and Family
Laro: “everyone can be safe & my family” 
Boston: “I want a prayer for my sons Malik, Leron, and daughter’s Alexis, and Mystie, to be safe and healthy. I also want to say and have a prayer myself and everyone in Sioux Falls. For love and peace for everyone.  I want to have a prayer for the churches in Sioux Falls and all the pastors and preachers. For all the leaders of the U.S. for the President and for World Peace. Amen”
Sam: “I want to pray for my Father, Jon, and hope God watches over him as he deals with the death of my mother and medical condition, onset dementia. I want to pray for my friend, Linda, who has been rejecting a new kidney. Please God watch and cure for her as well as her family. Please God watch over my family and friends.”
Anonymous: “Prayer for finances strength for me and my soon to be a husband. A place to live on our own. Watch over us. And guide us. Prayers for family love again.”
Anonymous: “Prayer for Karen and Ron.”
Anonymous: “Return to health for all who suffer illness. Guide the physicians in their work.”
Anonymous: “Prayers: Wellness for my sister, Megan and her husband, Dave. Direction for Max who has been given a huge set back with his life/career path.”
M.J.: “For my family to be happy; to have time to spend with each other. For safe passage for me.” 
Anonymous: “Happiness, joy, peace, love for the world.”
Anonymous: “Prayers for my sister Nicole who’s in treatment, she’s been struggling with addiction and battling depression as well. I just wanna see her smile again!” 
James: “Pray for my Dadthats in the war and I just wanna see him but yeah I always want to see him and everything I just want him to come home safe and alive.” 
Sunny: “Prayer request: 
  • my brother who passed 2018, Grandma Carole &Family, my children, our dog Sapa
  • my family, For Jesus, all sick, sad, cold, hungry, sisters and brothers
Aubrey: “everyone is so loving, thank you”
Anonymous: “Open our hearts to our neighbors wherever they are.”
Anonymous: “Pray for COS and the blessings that you have received and continue being Christ minded and kingdom oriented.”
Anonymous: “Pray for the condition my heart is in the Doc’s put two items in my heart two veins one that comes in my heart and the one that exists. Thank you”
 Anonymous: “I am requesting prayers for jobs for myself and son. Who is getting released from prison? Pray for him so he will find employment and so he will stay strong be happy. His woman has left him for another. Pray for his children mainly the younger ones their mom is using drugs and alcohol neglecting them. Thank you.”
Anonymous: “My love wants to be a future farmer.” 
Katrina: “Prayers for all races all nations and for all the world to come home to the light…” 
Natalee: “Help with health. Moving family.” 
Anonymous: “Prayers for my family for they are traveling that they have a safe trip and make it back home safe.”
Kassidy: “Thankful for my mom”
Lavita: “I’m needing prayers for my health I haven’t been feeling well I’m very thankful for getting my daughter home and giving us a new home.”
Samuel: “Puppy. Kitten. Everything thankful.”
Vicki: “Prayer for my bad feelings of circumstances that look like wrong doing is being done. Getting closure to all doubtful and worrisome thoughts.” 
Donna: “Please pray for my safety.” 
Anonymous: “Prayers for Nicole and Kayla who are both in treatment. Prayers for Michael he’s stranded in Santa Rosa, Calif. Please lord, provide a way to come home. And prayers for Tauney she’s involved in an abusive relationship she thinks she deserves that so she keeps going back” 
Christian: “Please pray for my cousin Lavita that her health gets better. Pray for my mother and daughter back in Rapid City that are all doing good and getting along. Just prayer for everyone all over the world.” 
Lois: “Prayers for my family and neighbors… My name is Lois and I’m the person who’s house and van got shot up so please pray for the drugs and alcohol that goes on around us. Lots of meth going on here… We pray for the people and all the gangsters that come thru this area salvation for them that they may know Jesus… Safety for us all who live in this area with children…”  
Gary: “Pray for the Church on the Street and Peace Lutheran and me!”
Emmett: “Pray for recovery on my right is causing a lot of pain. I am in physical therapy at Sanford, this is been going on for a couple of months.”
Anonymous: “Special prayers for the homeless — keep them warm & fed and please watch over them & guide them in the right direction please watch over my sister she will be doing some prison time, also guide her in the right direction & let the Judge have pity on her & hopefully the outcome is good. Guide me & my husband in the right direction as we are having a difficult time in our relationship.” 
Anonymous: “My prayer is for a dear friend. Kayla. She needs to be less demanding. I have also been told by a few of her close friends she is able to stand even has had parallel bars in her home (when they painted her home they did not reinstall them).” 
Anonymous: “Please pray for my son Nolan and his girlfriend Christine with their new jobs starting this week.”
Anonymous: “Please pray for my close friend Staci. She is dealing with cancer out in Gering, Nebraska.” 
CD: “Dear Lord I would like to pray for the ones that need you father feed the hungry clothes the ones who need clothes house the ones who need a place to lay with head. Thank you for being there for them and my family.” 
Paula: “Prayers for my daughter Laura as she prepares for surgery on Oct 30. Prayers for all who are without warm homes, warm food & clothing. Prayers that more of us that are blessed will take action & share our blessings. God is good.” 
Karla: “Pray for me, Dawson to stay sober and drug-free. Pray for Darcy and grandson Angel they’ll get out from where they're at. Head & Shoulders for Angel at JDC. For strength & guidance. For my family for health & angels to watch over us. Thank you.” 
Will and Jen: “Prayer requests: Find or get help to renewal ID so I can start work again. Prayer for my wife Jen's health. Find affordable housing before winter gets outta hand. Pray my dad’s health stays good, and he is able to find affordable housing and have safe transportation to town.”
Anonymous: “Prayers for me and fiance’s health. For our families. For strength and hope. For more happiness. For my fiance to find a job. Find an apartment. Insecurity. Find a church. Stop letting negativity get to me.” 
Anonymous: “Prayers & thoughts out to the Goodfacefamily and kids along with the Hawk family for health and strength.” 
Name: “Prayers for a new home for me and baby. Give me the strength to go through my son’s surgery again. Please guide us through all the struggles we are going through.” 
Anonymous: “Dear God Please come home soldier HereUSA- hope support family” 
Kathrine: “Pray that someday I could stand up for myself and have good self-esteem-comfort- not be ashamed of myself or a disappointment to my family. Self-conscious about myself- my body not to be embarrassing to about personal things with my boyfriend. Pray that Justin’s Dad gets better and he hangs in there strong or finishes strong knowing that his family loves him and makes it back home safely and hoping for no more Hospital trips for his Dad for Justin too. Pray that we get through this winter and that we stat on straight ontrack. Find an Income soon. That my baby is good haven’t seen her for a minute. My family is falling apart. That gets the things I need for the winter.”
Anonymous: “For my wife who has a crippling illness since 2011.”
Anonymous: "Pray for my father Lynwood and my brother Tony. He is having heart problems and homeless with kids. Thank you"
Katline: "Happiness and not depression. Life again when I can enjoy everything anything."
Anonymous: "Pray for me and my 4 children. A few months have been a struggle but have received many blessings along the way. I'd like to also pray for families and everyone in this hard time to stay warm and keep your chin up. Thank you"

Lord, in your Mercy...Hear our Prayer!