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October Prayer Requests

October Prayers of Church on the Street... Thank you for lifting the prayers of our congregation. This is an important, powerful work you are doing. Let us pray.


Anonymous: I pray that you and I can have many reasons to rejoice for each other.

Anonymous: Dear God: I pray to you for everyone out there struggling like I am and I ask for you to please lessen my burden both mentally and physically even if it is just slight. It would help and I ask you to do the same for others.

Anonymous:  Praying for warmth and safety for all gathered here today.

Anonymous:  Prayer warmer weather for now.

Anonymous:   Prayer request for my family – Sky and her boys. My great-grandkids. Guidance and health and patience.

Pat, Lucille and Alaina:  Thank you God!

Tricia:   Please pray for the healing of my body and the virus in it. 

Kayla:  Please pray that my extended family calls me. I would like a pastor to visit.

Trevor: For Job Corps to work out for me and to get my own place. Prayers for my mother who I hope is still alive.

Anonymous:  Pray for my son, Ezeakil. He has seizures.

Anonymous:  Praying for all life and all over the world. Wakiya Toshesa

Anonymous:  Prayer of thanksgiving for all of the people of COTS. Thanks for being my family.

Anonymous:  Please pray that I figure out what to do next and what to do if it doesn’t involve COTS.

Anonymous:  Needing prayers for the health of me and my baby who will soon join us on May 1, 2021. Thank you for everything!

Anonymous:  Pray for my sister’s family cause her son committed suicide by hanging himself.

Anonymous:   Pray for my high calcium level (normal 400…mine 924.4) and my heart. Pastor Rebel, Thank You.

Anonymous:   Prayers for health and hope for us all.

Katie:  Prayer for a producer for my organization on Facebook.

Anonymous:  Prayers for my nephew, Shaun Jr., in the hospital. For myself, strength.

Anonymous:  For my Bratz (children). I love you all.

 Kate & Crow:  Prayer’s for all of the Indian people’s of this country. I pray for all the people who love and volunteer. I pray for the Pastor’s who have given their lives to God or Tonkasila. Pray for the people in jail, keep them healthy and strong. Show them humility. 

Anonymous:  I need clothes.

 Anonymous:  My father has aorta heart problem. We will lose him soon. I am on probation and I am struggling with authority. My oldest son is struggling with addiction like me. He needs prayer for his two children and the struggle he sees from his divorce. Youngest son is in prison. He lost custody of his daughter. My family, brother’s and sister don’t want sons around anymore. My son’s don’t want me around because of my drug use. I need help finding a job and apartment that will hire a felon.  

Anonymous:  Prayers for my niece, Sarah, going through unbelief. My daughter, Grace, job searching. All people with COVID.

Kelly:  I need the person who’s approving the ID to ask God to show him that I’m the real Kelly Cheeseman. Please, I’m in need of God’s help!!! I’m going to write a note on my application that I’m the person who wrote this prayer request. My prayer is that God “stops” the person who’s planning on stealing my identity. Please, I need my ID to be approved before this person tries to steal my identity. God know whose the real Kelly.  

Anonymous:  Pray for the homeless, children all struggling, life with addiction to be better. The people with COVID and us being strong to avoid the disease. Most of all, pray for the safety and health of my children, grandparents, parents, siblings, forgive the sins I commit and pray for my strength in fighting and struggle of a home and keep me healthy and safe as I work every day to become a better person. Amen.

Val:  Prayers for my son, Ty and Lyricah. I hope you guys are safe and dad misses you. Amen.  

Anonymous:  Pray for my children that they stay safe and with Good health and happiness. Thank you.  

Anonymous:  Watch and protect loved ones as I can’t always be there.  

Cheyenne & Tommy Sr.:  My kids reuniting with me and my husband. Harly-Jo, Daniel, Alita, Heaven, Tommy Jr. Strength, courage, health.  

MaryJo:  Will give my foot healing.

Jesse:  Please pray 4 my Mom in prison.  

Karla:  Pray for myself, Angel, Darcy, Dawson. Strength and guidance. Pray for Dawson in jail. Provide a way for him to get out. Pray for our health, for angels to be with us and watch over us. Be with us. Thank you.

Aems:  Dear God, It’s problem world, very. Covid-19. Wish have clear hope. Safe our people.

Mary Anne:   Pray that I will find a new apartment.

Anonymous:  Pray for my friend Ray. Had two aneurisms three weeks ago. Can’t remember anything now.

Anonymous:  Prayer for sobriety and that this new job and relationship works out for the best. That my son feels love all of the time. Thank you.

 Anonymous:  Pray for my Dad.

Tom:   Asked that we pray for Brandi and Chris but after talking with him about what he is going through I told him I wanted to add a prayer for him for healing and relief from pain.

Chris:  Please pray for my brother Steven Nelson in Spokane, WA. He was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.  Please pray for my friend Tammy Grey Owl. She is in Sanford Hospital with pneumonia.  Thank you and blessings.

Johnna:  Please pray for me in my new job; for Paige going through rehab with a baby due December 7; for my daughter, Lexy; for my boys as they struggle with truancy and for Harley whose mom died.

Rhianna:  Please pray for my father as he’s been fighting COVID for two months and is now on a ventilator.

Lucille:  Please pray for me that I will make the girls’ basketball team.

Kaitlynn:  Pray that Dra stays out of trouble in jail and keeps her cool.

Pat:  Thank you for all of your help.  Please pray for my family.  Keep them safe.

Pray for patience and guidance for all of my grandchildren that they will find Jesus.  Keep them safe.  Pray for my daughter Sky.  I love her so much.  Thank you for all that you do!! DiLamaya/Wopila.

Winston:  Please for Ivan’s family.  Ivan passed away October 17.

Anonymous:  Extra prayer for healing for all the sexual assault survivors.

Anonymous:  Please pray for my sons who are locked up in prison. Say a prayer for me so that whatever demon is trying to get inside me will not succeed. Thank you.

Anonymous:  Right shoulder and hand numbness.

Anonymous:  My wife and kids. For me to learn how to be a good husband before it's too late.  For my wife's health to get better. For all the diseases to go away in the world.

Truman:  please pray for my wife and kids.

Anonymous:  Pray for Lewis in the hospital and for Thomas age 91, health.

Anonymous:  Dear God please guide Samantha to get back on the right track.

Anonymous:  To get my health back on track. Lunch with Pastor Rebel.

Anthony:  Pray for Jaimey

Karla:  Pray for me and Dawson. Dawson is in jail. Pray for Darcy and Angel. Strength and guidance. Pray for Dawson to get out.   

Anonymous:  That I'd know who I truly am in Christ and walk in that freedom.

Anonymous:  Please pray for my boyfriend Mike to get off meth and get back to God.

Anonymous:  Dear God, please guide Claire and her family. Keep them well and safe.


Michelle:  My awful life.

Anonymous:  I need a prayer for Michael to find employment, to be able to reunite with his loved ones again. Pray for Monica to get through her struggles and to get through "rtf" and be able to reunite with her kids and the ones who care deeply about her.

Anonymous:  Pray for my family housing and stability.

Lavita:  I'm praying that things get better and things go through for our new home that's coming up.

Anonymous:  Teach me to be a blessing through humility. Allow me to give of my true heart.

Kevin: need a job.

Anonymous:  Pray for the Roubideaux family. Pray for my brother Tony having heart problems and homeless and waiting on housing.

Anonymous:  Please pray for Tab. He has life threatening injuries. Also please pray for my mom.

Anonymous:  Please pray for my next good place to live. Even though it will be temporary. The Dudley house has been safe and warm but I think it's time to move on.

Rhiannon:  Pray for Daniel’s belly button;  that I can stop fighting with my mom; for my daughter who is being picked on in school; that I can afford to buy Christmas gifts for my family.

Kate & Crow:  That everyone can stay safe, healthy, and warm.

Cindy:  For health and COVID recovery.

Karla:  Pray for grandson Angel who is hanging around with the wrong crowd.

Joyce:  Pray for my daughter; my whole extended family and for me to be supportive; for the baby.

Lily:  Pray for diabetes and difficulty walking.

 Lord, in your Mercy...Hear our Prayer.