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2019 Worship Schedule:

January 12 @11am at the Ministry Center 225 E. 11th Street
February 9 @ 11am at the Ministry Center 225 E. 11th Street
March 9 @ 11am at the Ministry Center 225 E. 11th Street
April 13 @ 11am at First Lutheran Church 327 S. Dakota Ave
May 18 @11am at Heritage Park 600 E. 7th Street
June 15 @11am at Heritage Park 600 E. 7th Street
July 13 @11am at Heritage Park 600 E. 7th Street
August 10 @11am at Heritage Park 600 E. 7th Street
September 14 @11am at Heritage Park 600 E. 7th Street
October 12 @11am at Heritage Park 600 E. 7th Street
November 9 @11am at Ministry Center 225 E. 11th Street
December 14 @11am at Ministry Center 225 E. 11th Street

We couldn't do this ministry without your prayers.  As you look through our upcoming events and news items please say a prayer that someone will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit that day.

Upcoming Events

We are sorry there are currently no events at this moment. Check back soon.

News Articles

November Is National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month
As seen on the City of Sioux Falls website “Every night in Sioux Falls, homeless children, women, and men are in need of shelter and supportive services. They live in shelters, transitional living facilities, vehicles, outdoors, in places not meant for human habitation, with strangers they have just met, or at imminent risk of being displaced from their residence,” says Colleen Moran, Assistant...
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First Annual Art in the Park
With a goal of gathering in Christian community around art, fun, and fellowship, the first COTS Arts in the Park was a success! Thank you to Darby Hurd for organizing the event and to all who helped make it a success. Thank you to Holy Cross for your partnership, water, freezies, flip-flops and even temporary tattoos; and Nightwatch Ministries for the use of the food truck. Over 180 COTS t-shirts...
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July Church On The Street Prayers
Journey: "God, my family and I are homeless at the moment. I ask God to renew my heart, as well as my fiance's soul so that we can become one unit and more like him. Someday we can raise our children different and guide them in the way of the Lord and guide us as we grow in the Lord." Annonymous: "I was homeless for about two years- way too long. I was given a place to be. I was doing everythin...
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Laundry With Love!
Thank you to First Lutheran for supporting laundry with love in July! They provided the quarters for both of our Laundry with Love nights this month as well as the food and many extras like new laundry baskets, bleach and fabric softener.  Thank you to everyone who has donated so that Laundry with Love can continue to share Christ’s love while helping people get clean!
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Laundry With Love Huge Success
We avoided the rain and had a great night at the laundromat! Thank you to Jean Hoff and Diane Dahl who provided snacks to munch on and Bethany Lutheran of Howard for the wonderful draw string laundry bags which were a big hit! Thanks also to all of you who have donated cash and quarters to fund these laundry nights. We couldn’t do it without all of you!  I would imagine that most of you readi...
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June Prayer Requests
Jeremy: I pray for clarity of mind in the most confusing part of my life so far. God please guide me on my journey and help me make the right decisions.  Roxanne: I picked up the habit of drinking it helps me forget the pain. I even self-harmed myself but ended up in the physic ward for a day. I'm so lost without my mother. Yet I'm so angry I don't want her coming back. I have a lot of healing....
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