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Answering the Why of Church on the Street

Whether we are out on the streets, visiting with a congregation, or at a meeting of people who gather to discuss services that already providing for the marginalized homeless community, the question we are asked most often is, “Why?” Why don’t you just invite everyone to church and call it good?  This might work for some.  But others need more.  We introduce ourselves, listen to their entire life story, share kind words about how happy we are to have met them, and then invite them to join us in Ministry 

We don’t ask the unhoused to come to a worshipping community where they may not be able to read the bulletin or be uncomfortable about how long it has been since they have had a shower. We don’t ask them to put money into a basket because we know their pockets are light and need the money they have to live. We don’t expect them to know when to stand, what to say when they “share the peace” or make small talk after worship. We expect none of these things. Church on the Street’s expectation is solely with the Holy Spirit. The work being done is The Holy Spirit surrounding us with compassion, acceptance, and understanding that whatever has or will happen, they are whole and loved by God, through us, his disciples. 

Although we are a Church without walls, we are sturdy. Church on the Street moves to suit the needs of the people. After all, the people are the Church. As we are out on the streets sharing the Good News, we feel so much support from the Greater Church of the ELCA and local congregations who are asking why, spreading the word, and inviting their congregations to be a part of this powerful Ministry.

As Church on the Street is a Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community (SAWC) of the ELCA, we will continue to carry out Christ’s Great Commission by reaching out to ALL people to bring them to faith in Christ. Please, take a moment, say a prayer, answer your own WHY and then join us in this amazing Ministry! 

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